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Vintage Babe Ruth Baseball Card

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     "We really enjoy meeting new people and talking about baseball cards. It's especially fun when people find out how much that old baseball card collection gathering dust in the attic is actually worth."

      "We evaluate and buy cards with cash, right on the spot. If someone has an quality vintage sports card collection somewhere else in the United States or Canada, we're willing to visit them to evaluate their collection.

We have had baseball card buying trips to Florida, Massachusetts, Tennessee, California, Texas, North & South Carolina, New York, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Hampshire and many other states.

Call us at 1-888-665-4999 if you have a sports card card collection you want us to buy!"

BCB's Mobile Buying Booth™

Baseball card collectors got to meet Baseball Card Buyer at the world-famous Mall of America. BCB set up it's Buying Booth™ and made many contacts with those who were interested in finding a buyer for their baseball cards. BCB also paid cash to those who were ready to sell their cards for top dollar.

"When we set the booth up at a mall we bring nothing to sell ... we are there only to buy."

Willie Mays Baseball Card

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