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Learn the basics of grading baseball cards.

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Baseball card grading is tricky, but this commonly used grading system [see below] will help you 'grade' your own cards.

Card grading is required to establish true baseball card values. If you want a dealer to buy your baseball cards as 'graded', it must be done by one of the professional sports card grading companies whose methods are accepted by sports card dealers. (Still, most dealers will personally examine any valuable baseball cards before they decide to buy.)

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On the other hand, many dealers – including Baseball Card Buyer – also buy ungraded cards. In that case, they make their own professional evaluation about grade before buying any baseball card.

Sports Card Grading Guide

Mint (MT)
Four sharp corners - 55(%)/45(%) or better centering (i.e., centering of picture within border; left-right & top-bottom) - Smooth edges - Original color border & gloss
Near Mint - Mint (NRMT-MT)
60/40 or better centering - Relatively smooth edges - Original color border & gloss - One of the following very minor flaws is allowed: Sharp corners to the eye, but slight imperfections under intense scrutiny; A few minor print spots; A few focus imperfections
Near Mint (NM)
65/35 or better centering - In addition, one of the following minor flaws allowed: Very slightly fuzzy corners; Slightly rough edges; Very minor border discoloration; Noticeable print spots; Color or focus imperfections
Excellent - Mint (EXMT)
Centering no worse than 70/30 - No more than two of the following flaws allowed: Very slightly fuzzy corners; Slightly rough edges; Very minor border discoloration; Noticeable print spots; Color or focus imperfections
Excellent (EX)
Centering no worse than 75/25 - A touch of notching or a slight 'ding' on a corner is allowed. - May have other imperfections such as: Poor gloss; Poor focus; Noticeable print spots
Very Good (VG)
Centering 80/20 or better - Slightly rounded corners - Slight layering, noticeable chipping or notches on edges is allowed. - May also have: Minor scuffing; Hairline crease
Good (G)     Fair (F)     Poor (P)
Well worn or abused - Badly rounded, layered corners, scuffing - Some lack of original coloring - Serious crease

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